Rudra Entertainment

Rudra Entertainment is a Film Production Company established in the year of 2013.

Ramvijay Chandran (RVC) is the founder of this company, Mrs. Anisha Suresh is the chairperson and Mr. Vinod Lakamshi Patel is the Producer.
Rudra Entertainment is coming up with classic films & music albums with innovative concepts, the story and ideas which is never told in the history of cinema ever before.

The Dream & Goal of Rudra Entertainment and team are to give the world, heart touching films, better quality music and original long-living entertainment. Our dream is to grow ahead with the target & mission of introducing best and amazing Writers, Actors, Actresses, Technicians, Singers, Music Directors to bring an astonishing revolution in the field of Film Making, Cinema & Music.


The most powerful part and breathe of Rudra Entertainment, which has banked more than 21 registered stories and concepts. The mission carried by Rudra is to make films with impactful stories and concepts which are never being told in the history of cinema in all over the world.

All the story and concepts designed by Rudra are very powerful and unique, as it’s being finalized with lot of research and developments, and we only believe in real life subjects which will bring an impact in any human’s life.


Another Powerful part and the heart beat of Rudra Entertainment, which has banked more than 450 songs which is already written and composed. Rudra Entertainment’s first 2 Albums, “Meeting Guruji” & "Madness” will be released this month and in future has a target of releasing 3 Albums in a year.

Rudra has a team of experienced musicians who had worked with the legendary music directors Laxmikant Pyarelal, R.D.Burman, A. R. Rehman, with this team and experience we are all set to present all sort of music & recordings for Ad’s, Commercials, Jingles, Documentaries and Films.


And the courageous part of Rudra Entertainment, in other words Rudra’s Mind and sense is Films, and believes in making only real and heart touching original films. We have the best and strong technical team, who work and put more efforts in creating innovative photography, angles and shots. We have drafted and structured all our films, stories and makings including marketing plans, strategies, keeping various audience’s choice and likes.

From concept making to Post production till release of a story, we initially prepare and built strong selling and marketing plans, so that our producers and investors will not only enjoy the benefit of creating success in box office but will also enjoy the experience of making a good and original film.


Rudra Entertainment has a team of experienced and profession seniors who had previously worked with higher designation in advertising and marketing sector.

Rudra Entertainment is expertise ito organize the events of Music Release, Film release, Conference, Seminars, and Launch. Rudra Entertainment is also coming up with Concerts, Stage Shows and charity Event.


Rudra Entertainment’s founder Mr. RVC (Ramvijay Chandran) is into Advertising Field from last 13 years. The team of Rudra in Advertising sector is highly professional with strong strategic ideas, mind setting plans with innovative creative’s, artworks, designs and guaranteed campaigns.

(Designs of Cover of Madness and Meeting Guruji)


Rudra Entertainment has a strong team of marketing; we have tie-up with several outdoor & indoor media, in-house branding, in-film and print publications…

The team of Rudra doesn’t implement ideas which is already being used in our previous projects, we have kept a willing rule that each and every project taken over by us should be marketed and promoted in fresh way which will be very easy mind setting place in audience.

ABOUT Ramvijay Chandran (RVC)

Ramvijay Chandran (RVC) is a Writer, Director, Composer, Singer & Dancer. At the age of 12 RVC wrote his first hindi film and composed 12 songs for it with lyrics. He realized the spark of Music & Film making within him and from then the journey started. From the age of 15 RVC struggled to get a chance in the Film industry, but because of his age he was not considered for the job of writer/composer.

Maintaining the passion of film making at that age he found ways to enter inside film line to fulfill his dreams. So RVC joined a mid-sized advertising agency to learn and understand about Graphics and Creative industry, keeping in mind that he could get a chance to interact with producers and film makers relating Graphics and animation requirements for their films and the same time he could also get a chance to narrate his concepts, writings and compositions to them. RVC Continued working in small agencies until he got Graduated in Multimedia and Marketing Profession.

Within 4 years RVC had a rapid journey from Junior Visualizer to creative head in reputed agencies and flowing with the time he became expertise in Creative’s, Concept Making, Publicity, Events & Promotions in the world of Advertising and Marketing Sector. Reaching to the position of National Head for some International Ad Agency RVC at the age of 24 started his own Concept and Graphic Designing company “artsinmind” which won several awards for Ad Film Concepts, Creative’s, Events, Print/Publication’s, Exhibitions & Promotions presented for big Multinational companies. Today RVC is carrying an experience of more than 13 years in Advertising, Publicity, Events and Marketing sector. Where he is well versed with Film making, Ad/Corporate films, Writing, copies for Ads/Magazines/ Digital Media & Music for Commercials and Corporate films.

With the experience of B2B/ BTL marketing and being interacting with consumers and mass directly, RVC gained a master experience to deal with products and create mind setting strategies, that’s the strong reason why RVC’s Concepts, Stories and Compositions carry heavy weight age which is always peppy and touches heart. Today RVC has banked more than 21 stories and more than 400 songs including the songs of MEETING GURUJI & MADNESS.

The Dream of RVC and his team is to make better quality films and to bring innovative different concepts in the world of film making and to give the audience better quality entertainment which will bring new colors and shades in each and every lives and nature.

RVC has formed an organization “Smiling Child” where his company and team had taken a mission to help all the Tribal, Orphan Children by providing funds for their education and also to support, bring smile and life to those children who are affected by cancer and other diseases. “Smiling Child” is an organization which makes films and songs containing social messages, where the revenues will be donated and invested for the betterment of innocent children.

Ramvijay Chandran believes each and every human is corrupted in some or other way, some gets corrupted for money, some for name, some for love and some for gain. Corruption can be only stopped when the giver and taker understand their basic needs, which are impossible to happen. I and my team don’t want to fight against corruption, what we want is, even in corruption no one should be hunger for Food, Work, Money & Happiness.


Tracks Album Duration Price
Aayo re Aayo Guruji



This song narrates the path where Guruji/Saints efforts to take a layman to a journey in the path of devotion, then one starts to see Krishna (knowledge), Shiva (yoga & sadhana), Durga (faith and enlightment), Vishnu (the maker) and Laxmi, where life becomes a celebration killing all the evils like ego, attitude, jealously, cruelty and pains.

Gujrathi Folk 06.41 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
Guruji Guruji



This song is the second stage after a layman becomes a devotee because of Guruji/Saint, expressing God is everywhere, God is breathe and God is Life…One starts living life walking in Guru’s path, so every morning where there is prayer, Sadhana (yoga), every work, every help, every day and night is just lived in divine thanking Guruji/Saint to convert the dull life into blossom and happiness.

Qawali 05.53 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
Koun hai mera



This song narrates now Guruji is equal to god and everything, as one find happiness, security and fulfillment in Gurujis/Saints shelter, who actually shown the presence of god by giving place on his arms and blessings. And this devotion pray’s to Guruji/Saint that there are many other people who are in stress & pain who too need peace and happiness...

Classical 06.20 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
Guruji ka beta



This song is for those who had lived alone in life, where Guruji/Saint take their responsibility by giving them all the Love, Peace, and path of devotion. This song narrates that Guruji/Saint always dream to make one world family, so all the world is like my family and no one is alone anymore…

Sufi 04:51 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
Aur bhi batien



This song with a touch of gazal narrates the eagerness of Guru Stories which any human would love to hear, love to experience and share. This song express the experience and stories of happiness, devotion, knowledge and love which one gets from Guruji/Saint, so whenever we take topic of Guruji/Saint one feel to go on and on, and this talk can bring love and happiness to any broken heart...

Gazal 05:21 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
Spirit of Krishna



This song is the biggest innovation in the history of devotional music, carrying 5 different tempos. This song has the power to take one into deep meditation and to work in 7 chakras inside human body, where one experience Lord Krishna within which glows the devotion and enlighten.

Contemporary, Folk 08:31 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai



Gurugyanam is the anthem for all the Guruji/Saint, which express the presence of Guruji in each and every part of human being, each and every part of human life and situations. Gurugyanam is a thanks giving prayer to God, Guruji/Saints

Sanskrit 06:32 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
Jai Gurudeva



This is designed in Karnatic style, which narrates that every Guruji/Saint who gives knowledge, service, and show good path to any life is Krishna…this song tell the story what one gets in the path of devotion…

Karnatic 03:57 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
Ringtone Album Duration To set this caller tune in your mobile Send this Below given RBT keywords to 54646
Aayo re Aayo Guruji Gujrathi Folk 00.59 Min MYGURU1
Suraj ke bin (Aayo re) Gujrathi Folk 01.04 Min MYGURU2
Aayo re fast (Aayo re) Gujrathi Folk 01.08 Min MYGURU3
Guru ji (Qawali) Gazal 00:56 Min MYGURU4
Dil me Aas (Qawali) Sanskrit 01:10 Min MYGURU5
Guru jikoda Sanskrit 00:34 Min MYGURU6
Koun hai mera Sufi 00:59 Min MYGURU7
Guruji ka beta (Sufi) Qawali 01:01 Min MYGURU8
Aur bhi batien Qawali 01:01 Min MYGURU9
Hare Krishna Qawali 00:58 Min MYGURU10
Hare Kirshna Koda Contemporary, Folk 01:03 Min MYGURU11
Gurugyanam Lyrics Contemporary, Folk 01:06 Min MYGURU12
Gurugyanam Voilin Karnatic 01:02 Min MYGURU13
Jai Gurudeva (Karnatic) Classical 01:02 Min MYGURU14


Tracks Album Duration Price
Ganesh Strotram Strotram / Chanting 07.32 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
Shivohum Strotram / Chanting 06.17 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
Devi Strotram Strotram / Chanting 10.41 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
Guru Strotram Strotram / Chanting 10:38 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
// self


Tracks Album Duration Price
No Smoking - Country MADNESS 05.2 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
PEE LE MADNESS 04.14 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
I Love You MADNESS 6.02 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
YAROON MADNESS 4.33 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
Dhokha MADNESS 4.19 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
DOSTI MADNESS 5:28 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
Chalegi Jaanu MADNESS 4.25 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
Hare Krishna MADNESS 4:51 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$
short film company in mumbai
No Smoking - Club Versio MADNESS 03.37 Min INR 30.00/ USD 0.50$


"Intazaar - Ek Shaam Masoomiyat Ke Naam "

A Fund Raising Charity based Ghazal Musical Concert dedicated to the Women of our country/world on the eve of International Woman's Day i.e. 7th Mar'15 @ Yogisabagraha hall Dadar east , Mumbai with Gitanjali Rai who is professional & International Art of Living Teacher & Ghazal Singer. Event Flow: 1. A 20min Theatre play by a Theatre group called 'Zubaan' by Mishti Verma Thapar who is an experienced Theatre Director & Corporate Soft Skills Trainer & her Team.This team would portray different women oriented scenarios in the society. 2. Gazal Program by Gitanjali Rai. 3. Valuable Experience sharing by Woman Achievers & Woman celebrities.

MEETING GURUJI…is peace, love & knowledge… (Hindi/Sanskrit)

Rudra entertainment started its first project with music Album “Meeting Guruji” which is a tribute to the entire Guru’s and Saints of universe, especially Spiritual Leader “Sri Sri Ravishankarji” (Guruji) whose dream is to bring happiness and to decorate the world with a Stress-free life within each and every human…

This album is the world’s first conceptualized devotional album with 8 different variations of songs such as Gujrathi Folk, Qawali, Sufi, Gazal, Indian Classical, Contemporary, Karnatic and Sanskrit. From Compositions to Vocals, and from Music to Recording, Meeting Guruji is known to be the best Quality Album with Finest and High Definition Soundtracks till date. The song “Aayo re Aayo re Guruji” “Guruji Guruji” “Koun hai Mera” “Hare Krishna” is the most popular and liked Sound tracks. The song “Hare Krishna” in the album is designed with 5 tempos,’ which is also an invention in the history of Devotional songs. The Technician & Musicians selected for this album are all senior players from the Film Industry who have contributed their music to legend Composers like R.D. Burman, Laxmikant Pyarelal etc, this is also one of the reason why the sound tracks of “MEETING GURUJI” has a soothing sound which directly touches the heart. Released on 28/02/2014 by Poojya "Sri Sri Ravishankarji", dance, passion

Rudra Entertainment’s next Production is second challenging album “MADNESS” which is also a conceptualized making with 8 thrilling songs, music and message oriented dance numbers. The 8 different variations of “MADNESS” are Smoking, Alcohol, Love, Teasing, Hatred, Rock, Folk and Pop…

The highlight of Madness - before the release, the songs “No Smoking” “Aunty” “Pee lee” “I Love You” “Yaroon” “Jaanu” “Hare Krishna” was played in some private parties to get feedback from the audience and it gave a surprising response, as this numbers were repeatedly played again and again until the party got over. Thus before release, this numbers already became super-duper hit tracks and made a strong impact and won hearts of many people’s by its different & crazy variations of music made for all music Listeners and lovers. By Madness RVC is going to create magic and built strong hopes and inspire all the youths, strugglers and dreamer’s , who always thought that music industry is not a cup of tea for a non filmy background and layman.

The Team Of RUDRA Entertainment




Rudra entertainment is a fast growing Film and Music Production Company, coming up with astonishing projects, innovative ideas and concepts to present the audience untold stories and unheard music…

Rudra is looking for Investors and financers to support our dream projects to create a magic in the box office with our master marketing strategies. The story and concepts designed by Rudra is very powerful and unique, as it's being finalized with lot of researches and developments.

Contact : +91 9930981918

Email :


Rudra Entertainment is taking initiative to help poor innocent orphan children, who are being pushed away or left alone by their parents and families. Our motive and efforts is to gift life to those poor children by serving smile, education and bright career for their future from our upcoming Films, Albums and Shows.

If you like to be a part of gifting smile, education and Bright career to the poor orphan children…
Please contact us for Donations:

Contact : +91 9930981918

Email :


Rudra Entertainment has a target of exploring and introducing new faces and new talent's.  We are looking for talented, self motive, confident and ambitious new comers in the field of Acting, Writing, Production, Composing, Marketing, Advertising, Designing and VFX.

To work with Rudra please upload your resume, profile and portfolio.

Contact : +91 9930981918

Email :


Thanks for looking. We’d love to hear from you.

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